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Digital Machining Systems


Digital Machining Systems is located in a custom-designed, 16,500-square-foot state-of-the-art facility on 14 acres of land near Lafayette, Louisiana.

We take pride in maintaining an ideal work atmosphere and upholding exceptional standards of cleanliness, organization and safety at our facility. In keeping with this, our facilities are completely climate controlled -- with the air in our shop being continuously filtered through ambient air scrubbers to remove dust, oils and other contaminants. We also maintain spotlessly clean composite floors and provide thorough, bright lighting throughout the facility.

The cleanliness of our facility helps to ensure that the wide range of parts and components that we machine are free from contamination -- which further assures the overall quality of our products. In addition, our equipment and technology are second to none -- and includes many of the most technologically-advanced machining systems available in our industry. All of our machinery and systems also undergo regular maintenance to ensure everything is in top working order at all times.

The end result is a clean, efficient and safe facility that provides outstanding working conditions and allows us to continue building on our reputation as one of the region's leading providers of the highest quality machining services.