Digital Machining Systems was founded in December 1991 by Jim Carter and Don Colvin after five years of working together at the Louisiana Productivity Center as manufacturing consultants to numerous Louisiana machining and manufacturing companies. Jim combined his Mechanical Engineering with CAD/CAM option education from USL (University of Louisiana-Lafayette) with Don's Industrial Engineering education from Northwestern State University, along with their combined passion for "making parts" to form what was to become Digital Machining Systems.

The company had humble beginnings, as the partners rented a 1,500-square-foot un-insulated warehouse on Ridge Road in Lafayette, Louisiana to start the business. The next year, they rented a second, identical warehouse right next door. After several successful years, the partners purchased a four-acre tract of land across the road in 1996. After building their own custom-designed 6,250-square-foot-facility, the company moved into the new building in 1997.

In 2002, Jim and his wife Pixie purchased their partners' half of the business and became the sole owners of Digital Machining Systems. In the next few years, the company experienced significant growth -- and a 10,250-square-foot expansion of the facility was completed in 2007.

In 2008, the company purchased Precise Machine -- a very similar successful manufacturing business -- and incorporated the assets and employees into Digital Machining Systems.

In 2009, Digital Machining Systems purchased a 10-acre lot adjoining the company's property to ensure room for further expansion -- which is currently being planned.

Today, Digital Machining Systems is recognized as one of the premier precision machine shops in the region.

Over the years, the company has grown to include 59 team members -- affectionately known as "Digits" -- and has amassed 26 major CNC machine tools and millions of dollars worth of additional supporting equipment, software and related technology.



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