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CNC Milling
6/29/2016 What Are The 5 Axes in 5-Axis Milling?

In CNC machining, the use of 5-Axis milling machines is rapidly becoming more common. Those X, Y, and Z axes we use in applications from mapping to machining came to us via philosopher and mathematician Rene Descartes.

5/23/2016 Customized Gunworks: DMS gets ATF Machining License
  Do you need custom firearms or suppressors? Then Digital has good news.
5/20/2016 Digital Machining and MDB Now Serve OEM Market

Digital Machining Systems has always been passionate about machining. Now, we’ve found a partner who shares the same enthusiasm. Digital is now partnered with MDB Supply of Roswell, Georgia. It’s a company with a reputation for excellence, representing a variety of manufacturers, and capably matching sources to client needs.

5/20/2016 Model Based Definition in Product Manufacturing
 Model based definition (MBD), also referred to as digital product definition, can help optimize product manufacturing. The idea is to incorporate both manufacturing and inspection information in 3D models, rather than coming up with multiple 2D and 3D drawings to meet manufacturing requirements.
3/22/2016 Common Errors in CNC Router Operation

There is both art and science involved in CNC machining. Skill and experience must be gained over time, often through trial and error. Of course, your bank account, your success — and your sanity — can only weather so much trial and error. Heed the advice that follows to avoid some of these common machining mistakes.

3/21/2016 How 3D Surface Milling is Changing Manufacturing

Over the past several decades additive manufacturing – more popularly known as 3D printing technology – has been giving traditional manufacturing methods a run for its money. The process that may have felt the most impact is machining or subtractive manufacturing, in which excess material is removed in order to produce consistently-made products. On the other hand, additive manufacturing involves the process of binding layers of material together to create a product.

3/16/2016 CNC-Milled Ice Cubes: Where Art Meets Milling
 A Japanese ad agency called TBWA\Hakuhodo teamed up with Suntory Holdings Limited, a Japanese distilling company, to create the world’s first 3D-milled ice cubes. These tiny frozen sculpted images can look like anything you care to dream up for your highball glass.
2/25/2016 10 Plastics Machine Shops Use in 2016
 There are many common materials in custom machining. Digital Machining Systems machines plastic components for a range of industries that span from aerospace to energy, water treatment to medical, laboratory equipment and oil and gas. The plastics we machine include the following:
2/25/2016 Louisiana Relies on Kitamura H400 Automated Pallet Systems

Here in Louisiana and all over America—indeed within the global economy we all work in—customers are looking for the best milling and assembly services they can find at a price that makes good business sense. Kitamura H400 automated pallet systems are the solution many of us rely on.

2/1/2016 CNC Machining: Manufacturing’s Hottest Specialty

The CNC machining industry has quickly become the rock star of the manufacturing field. With explosive demand and qualified-technician job growth that can't keep up with it—it truly is one of the most sought-after manufacturing industries of the last few years.

1/29/2016 Machining Inconel 625, Nickel 200 and Other Nickel Alloys

In custom CNC machining there are some materials and alloys that are a challenge to machine. One of those is nickel alloys, like Inconel 625, is a nickel-base alloy known for its strength and aqueous corrosion resistance.

1/25/2016 3D Machining and Shark Attacks

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) decided to create a device specifically for filming sharks. Learn how CNC machining played a role in making this happen.

1/4/2016 Who Needs Custom CNC Machining?
 Custom CNC machining is an important service in the industrial and manufacturing worlds. This is especially true here in South Louisiana, as it helps our local companies compete on a global scale.
1/4/2016 Why South Louisiana Needs Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Milling

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Milling is the future of milling. And that’s why South Louisiana businesses rely on it.

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6/15/2016 New Markets for Additive Manufacturing

The additive manufacturing industry is seeing incredible advances. With applications across a wide spectrum of industries, 3D printing has become a multi-billion dollar industry.

6/8/2016 What Does CNC Machining Cost?

When you employ the services of a custom machine shop, there are a many things that can influence the quote you receive for any given project.

6/1/2016 Precise Machining In Medical Applications
  There is a high demand for precise machining in the medical field for both immediate patient implementation as well as for research and medical equipment.
5/23/2016 Digital Machining & Social Responsibility: Minerals Sourcing

Before you do business with Digital Machining Systems, we want you to know that it is our policy to avoid conflict minerals that directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups in conflict affected areas

4/11/2016 Nickel Machining Services

Nickel isn’t the easiest of materials to machine. Its high shear strength causes it to produce high heat while it is cut, resulting in fast hardening that can attach to the surface of the cutting tool and warp small parts. The only way to machine nickel alloys is by following the standard best practices, like those below.

4/1/2016 How to Request a Quote for Machined Parts

Request for Quote or RFQ is fundamental to establishing a profitable partnerships between a machine shop or contract manufacturer and a product developer. The manufacturer will work closely with you in order to understand your specific needs and deliver the products in the most cost-effective and efficient way. In many cases, suppliers play an integral role in the product development process, providing vital assistance in the design, material selection, and manufacturing aspects. The most valuable suppliers have substantial experience in the machining industry’s applications, and are willing to collaborate with you in resolving manufacturing and product challenges.

3/21/2016 Digital Machining Systems Helps Confirm Einstein’s Theory

Last month a team of scientists said they could hear the sound two black holes made when colliding a billion light-years away.The sound gives physicists the first evidence of gravitational waves, the ripples in the space-time continuum Einstein predicted in his general theory of relativity. Digital is proud to have machined the custom vibration isolation springs that helped the scientists isolate their laser devices from ground vibrations.

3/9/2016 Upcoming Fabrication & Manufacturing Shows
 Trade shows and industry expositions are excellent ways to stay abreast of the latest developments in technology, software, and to do some face-to-face networking. Get inspired by industry leaders and innovators and learn new methods first-hand.
2/25/2016 Dimensional Conformance in Aerospace, Energy, and Oil & Gas

Products and services always come with some form of specifications. Every time a new design or model is created and developed, manufacturers look for materials and equipment based on an established set of dimensions and purity standards. It’s a challenge the best contract machining services providers rise to every single day, because their reputation depends on it.

2/1/2016 Finding a Custom Machine Shop Offering 3D Surface Milling

3D surface milling is a state-of-the-art custom machine shop technology that, when combined with the proper technical expertise, can create almost any free-form shape. The options with 3D surface milling are nearly endless—from the type of material to the final designs.

1/4/2016 Find the Best Louisiana Machine Shop for Your Needs

Finding a Louisiana machine shop can be a difficult task, as there is a wide array of options. But, like in any industry—not all options are created equal. Here are a number of elements to consider.

1/4/2016 Why Does Lafayette Trust Digital as its Custom Machine Shop?
 Hear from customers who were looking for a custom machining shop that could produce the high-quality parts that would set them apart from their competition, add insight to their custom production processes, and bring down costs to help them compete globally.
11/30/20155-Axis Milling Explained

5-axis milling is literally a 'space age' technology that was developed by the aerospace industry, but is now empowering machining experts to increase accuracy, get the job done quicker, and avoid expensive part damage.

So--how does this miracle technology work?

11/30/2015How Assembly Services Can Be Tailored to Your Company's Needs
Many of our clients initially come to us with metal fabrication and machining tasks without a complete plan to turn a product into a full service. We personally consider it one of our jobs to offer services on top of products, which is why we offer assembly services that we tailor to the specific needs of each client.
11/30/2015The 8 Most Common Materials in Custom Machining
Custom machining consists of a surprisingly diverse set of activities. To help you sort through the available options, we've put together a list of the most common materials used during custom machining. For information on specific customization and techniques, contact one of our professionals.
11/30/2015What to Look for in a Custom Machine Shop--An 8-Point Machine Shop Evaluation Plan

Custom machine shops can be as unique as the parts they're machining. The simple reason for this is that the staff, qualifications, materials, and equipment will vary from shop to shop. So--what does one look for in a custom machine shop? The below 8 points will help the average machining client conduct their comprehensive machine shop evaluation.

12/16/2013New Computer Controlled Vertical Machining Center Arrives at Facility
10/16/2013Quality Control / Metrology Upgrade



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