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Find the Best Louisiana Machine Shop for Your Needs - Monday, January 4, 2016

Finding a Louisiana machine shop can be a difficult task, as there is a wide array of options. But, like in any industry—not all options are created equal. For example, certain shops may work within specific niches (and understand their needs) while others are generalists.

Finding the best machining shop for your needs isn't necessarily about looking for the most expensive, or the biggest—it's about understanding your needs and applying that to your search.

Here are a number of elements to consider:

Engineering Assistance

Are your engineers up-to-date on modern machining practices? Many aren't—which is normal as that isn't in their specific job description. Here at Digital Machining, we're able to work with our client's engineers by looking at their design and making recommendations on the most cost-effective and quality-effective way to produce the custom parts and products they require.

So, if you could benefit from proactive suggestions, then look for a machining shop with a track record of this.


If you require extreme precision on your milled parts, then you'll need a company with the technology that offers that. For example, CNC machining technology and techniques offer limitless designs...but also the precision that computerized processes bring.

Quality Assurance

Will you be ordering medium- or large-sized quantities of milled parts that all need to be exactly the same? If so, you'll need a machine shop that has quality-assurance processes that will mill with precision—and then check those parts. This is especially important if you don't have the manpower to review all of your newly milled products in-house.

Digital Machining Systems Customer ServiceCustomer Service

Accuracy, technology, and quality assurance can go a long way in creating a smooth part/product acquisition process...but no process will ever be 100% hiccup free over the long term. So, look at their history of customer service, their return policies, and the turnaround times to fix any hiccups that occur. Also look at their record of accountability. If an error occurs in their product, will they take responsibility and fix it? Will they help you solve the problem in a timely manner?

Customer service goes a long way when it comes to machine shops.

Turnaround Time

Certain industries require extremely strict turnaround times, and those industries will need a shop that can produce the parts they require, in the volumes they need—with the precise turn around that they require. Oil & gas is an example of an industry that requires products with a quick turn around time, because when something goes wrong in the oil & gas industry, it requires an immediate fix in order to avoid extremely costly outcomes.

There are a number of other industries that also require a fast turn around time. So, think about whether it would be more cost effective to have a quick turn around time. For example, will there be employees unable to do their job until the part/product's arrival?

Affordability vs. Quality

When it comes to custom milling, cheaper isn't always better...but neither is more expensive, necessarily. What you want to look for is a machine shop that has the technologies, techniques, and proactive approach that can offer you the quality of products that you need—at the cost level that keeps your business competitive.

Ready, Set—Shop

When it comes to selecting the right Louisiana machine shop for your needs, it is about exactly that—your needs. The first step is knowing what those needs are. The next step is opening a dialogue with potential shops, and then giving the best ones some sample orders...which gets them to put their money where their mouth is.

Call us today for a needs-based discussion on what Digital Machining can do for your business.


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