How to Request a Quote for Machined Parts

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How to Request a Quote for Machined Parts - Friday, April 1, 2016

Getting Custom Machining Quotes Fast

A Request for Quote or RFQ is fundamental to establishing a profitable partnership between a CNC machine shop or contract manufacturer and a product developer. The shop should always work closely with you in order to understand your specific needs and deliver your parts in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

In many cases, suppliers play an integral role in the product development process, providing vital assistance in the design, material selection, and manufacturing aspects. The most valuable suppliers have substantial experience in the machining industry’s applications and are willing to collaborate with you in resolving manufacturing and product challenges.

Drafting the RFQ (Request for Quote)

Creating an RFQ is the first step in choosing a new or existing custom machining supplier to produce a high-quality machined part at a reasonable price point, at your time of need. A well-drafted RFQ is essential to the sourcing operation and must provide critical information to contract production machining companies who will determine if they can indeed perform the job. Detailed RFQs enable suppliers to prepare accurate quotations that reduce the potential for delivery delays, cost overruns, and products that fail to meet your standards.

Drafting a complete and informative RFQ takes time and a lot of thought, but the investment will save you the trouble of encountering problems downstream during the manufacturing process.

Introduction and Summary

This section of the RFQ describes the overall expectations and requirements for the job, including the product’s end use. This part also usually includes the overall company and market data. Even though this is considered the first section of the RFQ, it is often written at the very end because it includes a top-level summary of your machined parts requirements.

Business Overview

This section indicates more information on the intended end use for the product as well as any certifications and standards that must be met. Other details such as order info, delivery information, and quality requirements should also be incorporated.

Detailed Specifications

This part of the RFQ is considered the "meat” of the document. It covers all product details and requirements, which may include engineering tolerances, deliverables and timelines, milestones, and business and technical requirements. Sometimes, the inclusion of product drawings and blueprints can also help the machining expert to produce the part accurately. You may also refer to the Machinery’s Handbook to determine the right tolerance bands for your item.

Selection Criteria

Articulate your criteria and priorities used for supplier selection. If there are specifications that need to be met, record them here. These points should include the custom machine shop’s ability to meet industry or regulatory standards, their experience in producing machined parts for your industry, and capacity to meet strict deadlines.

Terms and Conditions

This section is where you add terms from your standard contracts regarding financing, delivery penalties, payments, warranties, and other terms that machining specialists need to know prior to sending a quote. If your company has specific terms and conditions for a particular project, they have to be included here as well.

In order to make it easy for your precision machine shop to deliver the part to your satisfaction, make sure to customize your RFQ and avoid the practice of including boilerplate information. Be very specific about your product so that the supplier fully understands the end use of the machined part.

Getting a Digital Machining Systems Quote

To find out if your specific part machining needs are the right fit for our capabilities, we work hard to make it as easy as possible for you. You have several options:

  1. You can give us a call toll-free directly at 1-800-530-8945 (or (337) 984-6013 locally) and ask for Inside Sales, or specifically Crissy, Christian, or Jim.
  2. You can email your inquiry to, attaching any necessary designs or documents to your email.

Although quoting machined parts, done well, is a laborious and detailed process, we charge absolutely nothing to provide you with a firm quotation to manufacture your components.

Here is a general list of information that we typically need:

a. Drawings -- Mechanical drawings containing the specific details of the component(s) you need manufactured. Anything from a drawing on a napkin, to sophisticated three dimensional CAD solid model files will work. 

b. Materials and coatings, heat treating, etc. -- Normally drawing files include material specifications and any heat treating, plating, coatings, etc. that are required. 

c. Quality Inspection Level and Reporting Desired -- We can provide whatever level of quality assurance you require. We have customers that require essentially zero inspection and reporting beyond our standard sampling, all the way through to customers that require 100% in-process and 100% final inspection of every single dimension on a part, with 100% formal customer reporting of these dimensions. 

d. Quantities -- Please specify the batch quantities of each part that you would like us to quote to you. In our business, every operation requires a setup of the associated machine and process required, this setup is allocated across the batch quantity into a per-piece price for you. As a result, the larger the batch size, the more the setup costs is lowered per part. We can easily quote multiple quantities for you so you can easily see and evaluate the difference.

Note that almost every quote inquiry we get comes to us via email. If your attached files exceed about 20Mb total size, you may have difficulty getting them through standard mail servers. If this is the case, we suggest using

We will confirm receipt very quickly so if you do not get a confirmation, we may not have received them and we ask that you please follow up with us. This same limitation may come into play when using the "Request for Quote" link here on our website.


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