Louisiana Relies on Kitamura H400 Automated Pallet Systems

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Louisiana Relies on Kitamura H400 Automated Pallet Systems - Thursday, February 25, 2016

Reputable machining companies–big or small–strive to provide their customers with high-quality products.

Here in Louisiana and all over America—indeed within the global economy we all work in—customers are looking for the best milling and assembly services they can find at a price that makes good business sense.

Manufacturer and Machinist: A Collaboration

In order to reconcile quality and affordability, Louisiana-based manufacturing companies have adopted automated pallet systems into their existing process. As a result, the manufacturing process becomes faster and more efficient, thereby driving down production costs.

A crucial part of this equation is the custom machining company responsible for making the parts. Their role in this whole symbiosis involves making equipment, machine parts, and tools that are used by the end user to manufacture their products. At Digital, we know we are responsible for holding high tolerances and meeting material specifications that ensure the high quality of these machines or parts.

As a machining specialist or parts expert, the goal is to increase spindle time and reduce labor expenses. Machine shops have to deliver the same high-quality products even when there are change requests or other customer demands.

Big Investment = Big Rewards

An automated pallet system lets us expedite the loading and unloading of stacks of fixtures in and out of machine equipment. The cost of these systems means that mostly large machine shops utilize use them. However, although the initial investment might put off smaller shops, having a more efficient operation makes it a smart choice in the long run.

Flexibility and Versatility

Small and medium manufacturers from Louisiana benefit from the flexibility that automated pallet systems allow. They can leave complex jobs with long set-up schedules permanently in place and operating on demand, as opposed to having to reset them on every run.

With automated pallet handling, the highly-experienced machinist is able to focus on other tasks. The main task of the operator is to load and unload the parts in the pallet, so there’s no need for system validation.

A machine like the Kitamura H400 Horizontal Machining Center (4–axis, 8–station pallet pool, 100 tools, 10000 rpm, working envelope of 20" x 20" x 24") has a fully-automated system that comes with a large tool library containing all the tools you need to operate a set-up pallet.

Companies that focus on production applications can also benefit from the Kitamura H400 Horizontal Machining Center 4–axis, 2–station pallet pool, which lets them load pallets on multiple sides and conduct more machining and production runs in a shorter period of time. While the machine is running, we can access the workpiece being made.

The H-400 is a compact precision horizontal machining center developed by applying technologies accumulated over 50 years of experience with milling machines and NC machines. The H-400 is standard equipped with a fully covering guard for chips and splash and permits complete disposal and recovery, ensuring improved operating and safety. It provides increased versatility for diversified machining operations with maximum efficiency.

Even though adopting an automated pallet system is an investment that should not be taken lightly, it is not that hard to see why it is still the most efficient and cost-effective manufacturing option. With proper guidance and planning, the ROI is often felt sooner than expected.

Here at Digital, we're hoping our part machining capabilities are a good fit for you. Contact us today and we'll discuss your needs.


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