Who Needs Custom CNC Machining?

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Who Needs Custom CNC Machining? - Monday, January 4, 2016

Custom CNC Machining

Custom CNC machining is an important service in the industrial and manufacturing worlds. This is especially true here in South Louisiana, as it helps our local companies compete on a global scale. 

By bringing custom parts to a variety of verticals, our CNC machining processes help our clients get the parts they need to stay on top of their game in a cost-effective way that keeps them competitive.

Here at Digital Machining we've helped various companies, verticals, and individuals of different job titles with our custom CNC machined parts. Here are a few examples.

Procurement Managers

Procurement managers are common clients for us here at Digital Machining. Our ability to meet their needs for hard-to-find and hard-to-manufacture parts is the first part of why procurement managers are our biggest clients. But there are two other reasons why procurement managers come to us—we're able to turn around parts quickly (and procurement is often down to the wire), and by using CNC technology we're able to offer consistent quality over the long term.


The beautiful minds of engineers can truly run wild in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. The only problem with this is that they often come up with designs that require parts that aren't readily available in the market place. That's where custom CNC machining comes in. We're able to create the extremely specific parts that engineers require, but often can't find through an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Engineering Managers

Managers of engineering departments have a number of challenges, one of which is that while their engineers are creative, they aren't always up-to-date on the latest design principles when it comes to custom parts. Our staff here at Digital Machining is able to work with engineers and managers to suggest the most quality-effective and cost-effective processes to create the designs they need.

Business Owners

Here in South Louisiana we have a large number of small- and medium-sized businesses that work in manufacturing, engineering, and other industrial verticals that require extremely specific parts to create their high-tech products. Custom CNC-machined parts are the answer to that, but more importantly they help them get the parts they need, locally and quickly—at a price that keeps them competitive.

Oil & Gas

Our clients run the gauntlet here at Digital Machining, but we've found a niche in the oil & gas industry in particular, due to their unique needs. To help serve our clients better we have team members here that have learned about the unique processes and challenges in the industry. One such special challenge is the speed with which they require products—when you need something in the oil & gas industry, you often need it yesterday.

If you're in the oil & gas industry, contact us for more information on how our custom-machining services can help your business to run smoother and more cost effectively.


Oil & gas isn't the only industry where we found a niche. Increasingly, we're seeing marine-based businesses come to us with extremely specific product requests. Our computerized systems are able to give the marine industry the precision that their parts and products require.


Another specific industry where our custom-machined CNC parts excel is the firearm industry. Our custom services have helped create silencers and many other specific parts that the firearms industry wants—with the accuracy that they 100% have to have.


Another niche service we offer through our custom CNC milling is the fabrication of OEM parts. Unfortunately, many industries rely on parts for their manufacturing processes that original manufacturers create—however when these products come to the end of their lifecycle they can be impossible to find. Upgrading the machines that use these parts isn't a cost-effective solution...but custom CNC parts are.

If you're wondering if your company could benefit from custom CNC machining, we'd love for you to contact us. After a discussion about your needs we can make informed suggestions on CNC machining processes that could help with your parts acquisition.


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