Why Does Lafayette Trust Digital as its Custom Machine Shop?

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Why Does Lafayette Trust Digital as its Custom Machine Shop? - Monday, January 4, 2016

Digital Machining Systems Lafayette

Our customers were looking for a custom machining shop that could produce the high-quality parts that would set them apart from their competition, add insight to their custom production processes, and bring down costs to help them compete globally...so that's what we strive for.

By focusing on our client's industry-specific needs we've been able to not only produce the parts they need but also add valuable insight to the machining processes that can bring down their costs.

But don't take our word for it—take theirs...

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"I think what sets Digital apart from other suppliers would be quality certainly, but more so I think communication. We compete with global manufacturers and it's important for us to reduce the cost of manufacturing and that's where I think Digital plays a vital role for us, gives us the feedback in the operations that they have to perform to provide the parts that we need. So they give us that in the design process that helps us reduce the overall costs of the system,” says Guy Barone, President of Xenetech Global, a manufacturer of computerized and laser engraving systems company that requires about 4500 parts annually, and is a 20+ year customer of Digital.

"When we work with Digital, and there is a need—whatever that need may be—we sit down and we talk about that need and we work it out. As a result we're a better business for it, and the quality that Digital provides to us enables us to provide, in turn, that quality to our customers and set us apart from our competitors.”

A+ Corporation

Another client who shared their successes with us is A+ Corporation, an Analytically Correct Sample Extraction and Conditioning Systems company. Their unique needs have been served by the Digital team for years, and Alan Martin, Director of Engineering shares his high-level experiences with Digital when he says..."Digital has a unique shop, they're a good production-quality shop. We have very unique parts. We custom-design all of our own parts, and have very close tolerances and very high-fit finishes required. Not every shop can even do our parts and Digital has come through and been very consistent in being able to do our high-volume production parts.”

From a ground-level perspective, Steven Calverley, Support Engineer at A+ Corporation, shares his experiences when he says, "consistency is one of the most important things because you don't want some batch where they're inconsistent with all the parts. You want them to all be similar, or the same. And also the highest-quality is the best.” He goes on to speak about his outlook for the future with Digital when he says "they're looking more towards modern processes, whether it be bringing in new and more sophisticated machines or not being tied to older technologies.”


Another solid working relationship we've established is with Hydroplex, an industrial manufacturer of high-pressure pumps, valves, and accessories. General Manager Matt Brignac explains this relationship when he says "our working relationship with Digital started in 2004. We had another supplier that was performing at a lower level. So we engaged with the [Digital] team there and gave them half a dozen things to work on. They did a very good job—they piqued our curiosity and it sort of blossomed from that point.”

"What we have found out over the long run is that our engineers aren't quite up to date always with the latest machine-tooling technologies. So we'll submit a drawing, they will review it with their team and either make it as to the drawing or they'll recommend ways with different tools or techniques that will improve quality, save time and energy, and of course save money,” says Matt.

We Can Help you too

If you're in need of custom machining we encourage you to reach out to us. In an honest conversation we can offer you advice on the most cost-effective way to get the quality and timeliness that your business needs.


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