Why South Louisiana Needs Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Milling

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Why South Louisiana Needs Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Milling - Monday, January 4, 2016

CNC Milling

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Milling is the future of milling. And that’s why South Louisiana businesses rely on it. The production efficiencies and accuracy gains will help bring the SL machining industry into the modern world.

What is CNC Milling?

To understand why CNC milling is the future of milling in South Louisiana, one needs to understand a little more about what it is. Computer Numerical Controlled milling uses computerized machines, controlled by software, to accurately mill an end product.

This allows the operator to generate a specific design with a computer, and then turn that into reality with the precise accuracy that only computers can bring. With this super-flexible technology, products can be created with a combination of drilling, routing, milling, and cutting.

Once a design is generated and the machine gets to work, the operator is free to work on other designs, while the machine continues to work over an extended period of time (often for longer hours than the designer could physically do).

Why South Louisiana Needs CNC Milling

There are a number of reasons why CNC milling benefits our region...

1. Advanced Technology

Bringing advanced technologies to our region is good for overall production volumes, and will encourage the proliferation of advanced industrial technologies. It will also bring advanced training and job opportunities that are required with CNC milling.

2. Endless Possibilities

The end products of CNC milling are only limited by the creativity (and programming abilities) of the operator. This means the design possibilities are practically endless—which empowers South Louisiana's industrial community to compete on a global stage.

3. Accessibility

Previously, intricate machining jobs were sent out of the region to be completed. But with CNC in SL that's no longer needed. This not only means that more work stays in the area, but you can get quicker turnaround times without sacrificing quality. This type of advanced machining is also now available to companies who made do without it, due to lack of local accessibility and affordability.

4. Mobile Machining

Machining has long been a difficult affair due to transporting the machined products, coordination, and having it done at a separate facility where parts and products can't be tested in a live environment. That is all changing. With the proliferation of mobile CNC machining, companies can now contract mobile services to cut out expensive and timely logistics and machining-accuracy concerns. This is especially beneficial for jobs where there are a large amount of small parts that all need to fit together (and be immediately testable).

5. Cost Savings

Since a CNC mill operator can create the design and then let the machine complete the work independent of the operator, it cuts down significantly on the man hours involved (which for high-quality professionals isn't cheap!). In addition to cutting man hours, it also cuts down on costly mistakes.

6. Speed

As the CNC machine can continue working without the operator, it can work around the clock. This means a significantly quicker turn-around time, which helps companies meet deadlines and make last-minute adjustments.

7. Safety

While safety isn't a standard concern for the client, safe working environments help everybody. When workers are safer, work is more productive and there aren't unexpected accident-induced delays. Also, safety helps keep work-related accidents from driving up costs. The hands-off safety of CNC machining is simply unsurpassable.

8. Quality

CNC machining has internal quality-assurance detectors that automatically detect poor milling and quality issues. These tools can detect flaws that aren't always detectable to the human eye, which improves the overall quality of the work.

CNC machining is the way of the future, and South Louisiana industry needs this new technology to compete in a modern world. And now it's here.

If you're curious what CNC milling can do for your company, give us a call today.


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