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contact for quoteIf you would like to further evaluate whether your specific part machining needs are the right fit for our capabilities, we work hard to make it as easy as possible for you. We have many open channels of communication that you can choose depending upon your own personal preferences;

  1. You can give us a call toll-free directly at 1-800-530-8945 (or (337) 984-6013 locally) and ask for Inside Sales, or specifically Crissy, Christian, or Jim.
  2. You can email your inquiry to sales@digitalmachining.com, or directly to any of our staff, attaching any associated documents to your email (see notes below regarding suggested information to include).

Although quoting machined parts, done well, is a laborious and detailed process, we charge absolutely nothing to provide you with a firm quotation to manufacture your components.

In order to do so most efficiently, here is a general list of information that we typically need;

a. Drawings -- mechanical drawings containing the specific details of the component(s) you need manufactured. These have come to us in every format from a sample part, to a napkin, to sophisticated three dimensional CAD solid model files. For basic machined components the most popular now is emailed Adobe ".pdf" files, but we can usually accept any graphic exchange format files, picture format files, etc. Note that we can handle most CAD drawing and part file formats directly, including SolidWorks, Inventor, AutoCAD, and Pro-E files. In many of today's more complex components, it can help speed up and facilitate our quoting processes if we can receive the native CAD files, both the part model and drawing files when possible.

b. Materials and coatings, heat treating, etc. -- normally drawing files include material specifications and any heat treating, plating, coatings, etc. that may be required. Please provide this information for each part if not included in the drawings.

c. Quality Inspection Level and Reporting Desired -- We can provide whatever level of quality assurance you require. We have customers that require essentially zero inspection and reporting beyond our standard sampling, all the way through to customers that require 100% in-process and 100% final inspection of every single dimension on a part, with 100% formal customer reporting of these dimensions. Obviously, these various levels of quality assurance come with associated costs and need to be accounted for when we quote a part to you. So if you know, please specify, or if you would like to discuss the various options and benefits, please inquire.

d. Quantities -- Please specify the batch quantities of each part that you would like us to quote to you. In our business, every operation requires a setup of the associated machine and process required, this setup is allocated across the batch quantity into a per-piece price for you. As a result, the larger the batch size, the more the setup costs is lowered per part. We can easily quote multiple quantities for you so you can easily see and evaluate the difference.

e. Frequency of order expectation, when known -- If you know this to be a regular demand component that will be repeating with some frequency, this can be very helpful information when we are choosing a process to manufacture your parts. Likewise, if it's a one-time application, the same information is helpful. The most economical approach may vary substantially with actual order quantities and frequencies. It is good to have that information from the outset. Your needs may also fit our blanket order and/or stocking programs that may be of great value to you and your company.

Note that almost every quote inquiry we get, surely from our regular customers, comes to us via email. If your attached files exceed about 20Mb total size, you may have difficulty getting them through standard mail servers. If this is the case, we suggest using www.transferbigfiles.com which you can use without even creating an account for files up to 100Mb in size. We have found this easy and secure.

If your files are smaller than 20Mb, try emailing them directly to sales@digitalmachining.com. We will confirm receipt very quickly so if you do not get a confirmation, we may not have received them and we ask that you please follow up with us if you don't hear back from us in any such situation. This same limitation may come into play when using the "Request for Quote" link here on our website.



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